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11 months ago

Prizes, Prizes, and more Prizes!


As if just building cool software solutions and taking your VeChainThor knowledge to the next level wasn’t enough incentive for you, here’s a reminder of the prize potential for eligible participants:

Primary Prizes

  • Grand Prize - $25,000 in VeUSD
  • Second Place - $15,000 in VeUSD
  • Third Place - $10,000 in VeUSD
  • 4th Place - $5,000 in VeUSD
  • Honorble Mentions - $1,000 in VeUSD


Bonus Prizes 

  • Best DeFi Project - $5,000 in VeUSD
  • 2nd Best DeFi Project - $2,500 in VeUSD


  • Best dApp Project - $5,000 in VeUSD
  • 2nd Best dApp - $2,500 in VeUSD


  • Best Green Project - $5,000 in VeUSD
  • 2nd Best Green Project - $2,500 in VeUSD


  • Best "other" use-case Project - $5,000 
  • 2nd Best "other" use-case Project - $2,500

This list, along with an important note on multiple prize eligibility can be found at Official Rules.


As a reminder, here is the main requirement for the challenge:

Entrants must develop new frameworks and tooling that will benefit future builders wanting to build dApps on the VeChainThor blockchain. Examples include:

  • Tools to start (local) blockchain instances
  • Utilities to write, compile, debug and test smart contracts
  • Utilities to deploy smart contracts
  • Development frameworks for python, javascript and/or typescript
  • Front-end libraries that help developers build user-facing applications that connect with the VeChainThor blockchain
  • Integrations with decentralized storage options like IPFS
  • Ports of common ETH tools such as Truffle, Hard Hat etc;


Entrants may also build a dApp, wallet, DeFi protocol, ‘green’ application or any other secondary project that showcases the benefits of the Entrant’s Primary Project (each a “Bonus Project”) to be eligible for a Bonus Prize. The Bonus Project must be submitted separately from the Primary Project.


Good luck and happy coding!