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over 1 year ago

Less than a week away

With all that extra time, be sure to really check your project for completeness and perfection. You can also review the judging criteria to see where else you can score some more points.

Submissions are due: May 30, 2022 @ 5:00pm EDT



  1. Did you create a new framework or tool that will benefit the VeChain developer community?
  2. As a bonus, did you incorporate the tool you built for the hackathon to create a dApp, wallet, DeFi protocol, blockchain visualiser or any other secondary project that showcases the benefits of your tooling in order to be eligible for a Bonus Prize? (Optional)
  3. Have you made your code repository public and added an appropriate open-source license to it?
  4. Did you provide a URL to your project code repository on your Devpost Submission?
  5. Did you record and upload a demo video (about 3 minutes) that explains and demonstrates your project? Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook Video and made public.
  6. Are all of your teammates added to your submission form? Remind them to accept the invitation so that they’re listed on the project submission!
  7. Did you complete all 5 steps of the submission process on Devpost?

Be sure to read through the requirements and Official Rules more than once. Or better yet, have a friend or colleague provide a second pair of eyes to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Good luck!